Propylene Glycol/PG Market in July

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1. China’s propylene glycol market price today

Propylene Glycol South China 9700 -3.00%
Middle China 9700 -3.00%
Shandong China 9700 -3.03%
Propylene glycol

2. The trend of the domestic upstream raw material market for propylene glycol

Today, propylene glycol market prices continue to drop.

And the wait-and-see mood in the market is heavier.

Upstream material propylene oxide market price adjusted within a narrow range.

Domestic terminal market demand has not improved. The downstream market has not started well, and the purchasing power is insufficient.

It is difficult to increase the start-up and demand.

At present, the domestic propylene glycol market is weak and downgraded.

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3. Market forecast of propylene glycol

The prices of propylene glycol are expected to remain weak next week.The domestic downstream market demand is sluggish, driving the propylene glycol market demand to remain unchanged.

The market negotiation atmosphere is deserted, mainly run on a small amount of demand.

Market participants are more cautious and wait and see the operation.

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