methylene chloride

Product Name:Methylene Chloride
Other Name:Dichloromethane
CAS No.:75-09-2
UN No.:1593
EINECS No.:200-838-9
Purity:99.99% min
Molecular Weight:84.93
Chemical Formula:CH2Cl2
Appearance:Colorless clear liquid with aromatic odor


  • Medicine, pesycide intemediates
  • Solovent in production of antibiotics, Vitamin, film footage, aerosols.
  • Foaming agent used as a blowing agent for poluurethane foams.
  • Used as a paint stripper and degreaser
  • Service as adhesives,ofen sold as a main component of plastic welding adhesives
  • Extractant,used to decaffeinate coffee and tea, As well as to prepare extracts of hops and other adhesives
  • Used for synethesis of flame retardant series products
  • Usd to replace F11,F12 of the same function
  • Most PVC cements use methylene chloride as the solvent
  • Paint stripper formula


Product Name Methylene Chloride 99.97% min Brand Jinling
Batch No. JL2021 Sampling Site Storehouse
Prod Dates June, 2021 Expiry Dates June, 2022
Inspection Standard GB/T4117-2008
Inspection Item Measurement   Units Qualified Result Inspection Result
Appearance Colorless and clear liquid Colorless and clear liquid
Purity 99. 95% 99.97%
Relative Density 20℃ (g/cm³) 1.31-1.33 1.325
Chroma (APHA) 10 5
Moisture 0.015% 0.010%
Acidity (as HCL) 0.0004% 0.0004%
Residue on evaporation 0.0015% 0.0015%
  • Package:250kg *80 iron drums,20ton/FCL; 270kg*80 iron drums,21.6ton/FCL

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