Product Name: Methanol
Other Name: Methyl alcohol
CAS No.: 67-56-1
UN No.:1230
EINECS No.: 200-659-6
Molecular Weight: 32.04
Chemical Formula: CH3oh
Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid


Methanol is widely used, it’s a basic organic chemical raw material and high-quality fuel.Mainly used in fine chemicals, plastics, and also other fields. It can be used to synthesis many organic products, such as formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl chloride, methyl ammonia, sulfuric acid dimethyl ester and so on, it is also one of the important raw materials for pesticides and medicines. It can be used as a new type of clean fuel after deep processing, usually also added to gasoline in combination.


Item Sign  AR
Assay (CH3OH)  99.5%
Density (20 centigrade) 0.791-0.793gmL
Dissolution test of water  passes test passes test
Water (H2O)  ≤  0.1%
Acidity (as OH-)  ≤  0.004mmol/100g
Alkalinity (as OH-)  ≤  0.008mmol/100g
Readily carbonizable substance  passes test passes test
Carbonyl compounds (as CO)  ≤  0.005%
Potassium permanganate reducing substances passes test  passes test
 Evaporation residue  ≤  0.001%


  • Packing in iron drums:160kg/iron drum, 80iron drums, without pallets, 12.8 Tons/20’FCL; 160kg/drum, 152drums, without pallets, 24.32 Tons/40’FCL;
  • Packing in IBC drums:800KG/IBC DRUM , 20 IBC DRUMS,(without pallets),16MT/20’FCL; 800KG/IBC DRUM , 32 IBC DRUMS,(without pallets),25.6MT/40’FCL
  • Packing in ISO TANKs:18.5 Tons / ISO TANK


  • 20000 Tons per month

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