Glacia acetic acid

Product Name: Glacia acetic acid
Other Name: GAA, Acetic acid
CAS No.:64-19-7
UN No.:2789
EINECS No.: 201-782-8
Molecular Weight: 60.05
Chemical Formula: CH3COOH
Appearance: Colorless Liquid

  1. Application:
    Glacial acetic acid as one of most important organic raw materials, it is mainly used in such products asvinyl acetate, acetic anhydride, diketene, acetate ester, acetate, acetate fiber and chloroactic acid etc. It is an important raw material for syntesized fiber, gooey, medicines, pesticides and dyes, and also a good organic solvent. It is widely applied in such industries as of plastics, rubbers and printing etc.
  2. Specification:
  • Appearance: clear colorless liquid
  • Color(Pt-Co): 10 Max
  • Acetic Acid Content:99.5%Min
  • Formic Acid Content: 0.06% Max
  • Acetaldehyde Content: 0.05% Max
  • Residue On Evaporation: 0.01% Max
  • Moisture: 0.15% Max
  • Iron Content(based on Fe): 0.00004% Max
  • Reduction Time Of Potassium Permanganate, Min: 30 Min
  • Package:      30kg* 740 Plastic drum,22.2ton/FCL;
    215kg*80 drums,17.2ton/FCL;
    1000kg*IBC drum,20 ton/FCL;

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