Product Name: Ethanol
Other Name: ethyl alcohol
ethyl alcohol
ethyl hydroxide
CAS No.: 64-17-5
UN No.:1170
EINECS No.: 200-578-6
Purity:95%, 96%, 99%
Molecular Weight:
Chemical Formula: C2h6o
Appearance: Liquid


  • Ethanol can be used to make acetic acid, beverages, flavors, dyes, fuels, etc.
  • Used as a disinfectant
  • Used as beverage products, ethanol is the main ingredient of wine.
  • Used as organic raw materials Ethanol is also a basic organic chemical raw material, which can be used to produce chemical raw materials such as acetaldehyde, ether, ethyl acetate, ethylamine, etc.
  • It is also a raw material for producing solvents, dyes, coatings, detergents and other products.
  • Used as automobile fuel Ethanol can be used as a fuel for automobiles, or it can be mixed with gasoline as a mixed fuel.


Items Standard  Testing Result
Appearance Transparent clear liquid Coincidence
Purity % 99.8 99.9
Evaporation Residue % 0.001 max 0.0005 max
Acidity mmol/100g 0.1 0.02
Alkalinity mml/100g 0.03 0.005
Moisture % 0.5 0.2
Methanol % 0.2 0.009
Isopropanol % 0.05 0.003
Iron (as Fe) % 0.00001
Zinc (as Zn) % 0.00001


  • 160kg*80drum 12.8tons/FCL
  • 160*152drum  24.32tons/40’FCL
  • 800kg*20IBC drum 16tons/FCL
  • 800kg*32 IBC drum 25.6tons/40’FCL
  • 18.5tons/TK 18.5tons/TANK

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