Product Name: Cyclohexanone/CYC
Other Name: oxocyclohexane, pimelic ketone, ketohexamethylene, cyclohexyl ketone, ketocyclohexane, hexanon, Hydrol-O, Sextone, K, Anone
CAS No.: 108-94-1
UN No.:1915
EINECS No.: 203-631-1
Molecular Weight: 98.143
Chemical Formula: C6H10O
Appearance: Transparent Liquid


  • In the manufacture of adipic acid,AH Salt and nylon 66.
  • Additive for electronic industry applications.
  • Additives in PVC adhesives, mainly to regulate the evaporation rate.
  • Additive in bonding agents for plasticized PVC film,
  • Solvent for insecticides and fungicides, e.g., Perfekthion
  • For the manufacture of cyclohexanone oxime, caprolactam andnylon 6.
  • Degreasing agents.
  • Additive to improve adhesion of pigment finishes.
  • Additives in mercerizing liquors.
  • Additive in paint removers.
  • Secondary solvent for cellulose nitrate in coating cellophane


Appearance Colorless, transparent
Density g/cm3 0.946-0.947
Purity % 99.5min
Water Content% 0.08max
Chromaticity(in Hazen) (Pt-Co) ≤ 15max
Aldehyde content (as formaldehyde),% 0.005max
Acidity (as Acetic acid)% 0.01max


  • 190kg*80drum 15.2tons/FCL
  • 190kg*132drum 25.08tons/40’FCL
  • 22tons/TANK 22tons/TANK

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