Polyvinyl alcohol/PVA market in June

Table of Contents

1. Overview of domestic polyvinyl alcohol/PVA market

Unit: RMB/ton

MODELPrice June 14,2022  Price         June 13,2022ups

2. Domestic vinyl acetate trends in upstream raw material market

Today, the domestic vinyl acetate market is consolidating, and the wait-and-see mood in the market is heavier. Downstream users make inquiries on demand, and the overall trading atmosphere is general. The current market fundamentals are maintained, and the release of real orders in local markets is limited. The stable situation may continue in a short period of time. It is expected that the domestic vinyl acetate market will be mainly light and consolidated in recent days.

3. Market outlook analysis and forecast of polyvinyl alcohol

The overall trend of the polyvinyl alcohol market is sluggish and stable. The local real orders are limited due to the low enthusiasm of terminal inquiries. The volume of some high-viscosity grades is still tight. Enterprises still need to deliver some export orders. The sentiment is strong, and it is expected that the polyvinyl alcohol market will continue to run steadily in the near future.

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