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The Industries Near Chemical Supported

When it comes to supported industries by Near Chemical, there are multiple applications for our chemicals.

Below are some examples of industries that Near Chemical support. If you are a company looking for a chemical to handle your industrial products, Near Chem, has over 10 years of experience in chemical supply and is capable of handling all kinds of chemicals for our clients. From order, packing, warehousing to shipment, contact Near Chem today for a chemical quote.

Application chemical include: Polyether polyol, polymer polyol, TDI.

Application chemical include: Isopropyl alcohol, TDI, ethyl acetate, cyclohexane, Adipic acid.

Application chemical include: caustic soda, sodium sulfide, methyl methacrylate, polyether polyol.

Application chemical include: Aniline, butyl acetate, phenol, phthalic anhydride.

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