Daily Review Epichlorohydrin in China: Lower Deal Volume  and Price Swings

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Nearchem is one of the suppliers of epichlorohydrin, which has many years of export experience, if you want to buy epichlorohydrin from China, the following market info is for your reference.

1. China’s epichlorohydrin market price today

Item Market Date: 13th, May CHG UNIT
epichlorohydrin North China 18700—18900 -100 CNY/MT
Middle China 18700—18900 -100 CNY/MT
Shandong China 18800—18800 -100 CNY/MT

2. Domestic Market Overview

Today, the Shandong market is weak, and the downstream new orders have poor buying performance. Manufacturers’ new orders offer a narrow range to make profits. The atmosphere of new orders is light, and sporadic transactions are heard.

Today, 7 samples of selling orders were communicated, and the offer intention was more than 18800-19100 yuan/ton. 4 buyers were sampled, and most of them had no clear intention, and some of them had an intention of 18,800 yuan/ton or below. I heard that the sporadic transaction was delivered at 18,800 yuan/ton. After verification, today’s closing 18800-18800 yuan/ton acceptance delivery, the evaluation sample is the intention of the buyer and the seller and the transaction price, and it is difficult to exclude higher and lower price transactions.

Market Analysis

Downstream demand: Downstream liquid resin manufacturers digest long-term raw materials, solid resin factories digest pre-order raw materials, and the logistics and transportation efficiency in Huizhou District is reduced.

Market supply: Manufacturers have delivered more pre-orders in stock, and there is no obvious pressure on inventory for the time being. New orders and offers in the market have been heard, and the market supply is relatively abundant.

Raw material cost: The raw material glycerin is processed at a high level, and the cost of the glycerol method is acceptable. The propylene method has low cost and high gross profit.

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